Ouch! It bites.

I have always loved to travel. It started with my family. And I got it from my mother. She loves to travel and perhaps is the only person who would try hands at Scuba diving at the age of 100! To be honest, that spirit comes to me, therefore in my blood from my mom. Coming back to the point, it’s with her that my first travels begin. Then I started traveling with my extended family, my aunt and my cousin.  As if that wasn’t enough, I met a travel blogger and married him! It wouldn’t be an overstatement, if I say

“My mom taught me to love travel, my partner taught me how to travel.”

It was @Srinistuff who then introduced me to traveling with friends. Soon with him, I started traveling as a couplet. Now I am comfortable traveling only with one single person as opposed to traveling in groups. I can already feel the freedom, the shackles unbounding my legs, my heart racing and aching for more.

For the last two weekends, I have been traveling. The first weekend meant a ride in the jungles of India in search of the wildlife that the country shelters and the second trip was again to the jungles, this time though towards the western boundaries of the country. Both the trips were refreshing, exhilarating and gave me a sense of belief and purpose for myself. In fact, I am already taking next steps towards planning my next plans.

Last weekend, I tried things that were never in my bucket list- Swimming in river, organic farming, night trails in the forests, encountering snakes and hiking to a waterfall! The memories are unlimited and I am craving for more. This week, I am a little tired and taking a small break. Next week, I am again off to another hike and a different waterfall. Till then, I am going to breathe in and breathe out in my memories. Because.. Yes,

“I have been finally bitten by the travel bug.”

feet on the map, travel @Miss_nautanki, @srinistuff, waterfalls

Don’t stop me yet, cuz it’s bitten me

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