5 myths about a travel blogger

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Don’t judge the book by its cover 🙂

My last blog post, where I spoke about, how I am treating my thyroid and anxiety through my travels is a personal post. In fact, if you have realized, a lot of my content is actually talking about the same things, my intimate thoughts on traveling, life, society and honestly I want it to be the same way. I mean, off-course,  there are plenty of co-travelers out there, who are helping with “5 best things to do” and offering tips on “how to party in Barcelona” or ” How to backpack in $$.” If you are in to get more such information, I would suggest, you do a quick Google search and you won’t be disappointed.

But if you have been reading this post so long, I am sure, you are interested in knowing more about what I have to say and I promise to keep you entertained. 🙂

In so many months since I have started blogging, I have been receiving emails through my blog and several DMs on my Instagram, about how to be a travel blogger and how cool my life is. And honestly, I am amused at the sort of reactions ranging from blasphemous hatred to envy to utter delirious love. So I decided to jot down “5 myths of a travel blogger you must know”, in an attempt to clear some air and convey “how cool”  it really is to  be a travel blogger. 🙂

Myth#1: Travel bloggers are always traveling.

Right? Wrong! Travel bloggers are common people like you and me. Just like everyone, they have families, friends and a life beyond travel!  Some of the travel bloggers I know and interact with, have regular 9-5 jobs, are steadily and happily climbing corporate success ladders. These bloggers have a travel blog, which they keep as their online journals to capture their weekend getaways or annual sojourns! Even some of the most popular”full-time travelers” don’t travel 365 days.Just as normal human beings,  they have to deal with assignments, work and deadlines. Remember, travel is not free? It comes with a $$$ and that dollar comes through the assignments/work these bloggers take up! Some times, even during our travels, we might be actually sitting on a beach but trying to finish a goddamn deadline! Ugh. So Jennifer, if you are reading this and the next time you want to crib at how lucky travel bloggers are…….. relax!


Bloggers work too, even when they are traveling! Image Credit: Srinivas Kulkarni

Myth#2: Travel bloggers always blog.

Bullshit. Nothing takes you farther, away from truth. Honestly, I am a travel blogger. And I get bored of blogging. Just look at the last post I wrote. When was the last time I posted? Writing and maintaining a blog can be quite tedious and boring. Before a blogger starts writing, he/she has to think about, what is to be written. Then he/she has to hunt down the half good looking pictures out of a dead coal of photographic hard drives. Edit it with 10 different frames and filters. Research about the destination to be written about. Now, if you think- travel blogging is all about visiting a place and posting some pictures, then let me remind you.. there are tons of online websites doing that. A blogger has to stand apart and ensure his/her work is seen, read, heard. He/she has to think- what is it that a reader like you would like to read on his/her blog and then execute on a war footing. So before you lash out at a blogger, relax- travel blogging is as much about you as it is about the travel blogger…. Not to mention, posting regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube!! Hey- by the way I am available on all these channels as @Feetonthemap.. Have you followed me yet? 😀


Bloggers often, are involved in community building initiatives or take up activities such as teaching English abroad

Myth#3: Travel bloggers get everything free!

Oh gawd! Please don’t get me started here. I am aware that a lot of people, actually think, that it is all free in travel blogging. A lot of people, including, in my own family have come up to me saying- “You lucky bitch. You get hosted by people and you are always traveling, even if you don’t have money.” LOL 😀  Yes- I do get invited on FAM trips and brands approach me for product placements on my blog. But free lunches don’t exist. Sorry to burst your bubble, but really… even when travel bloggers get invited for FAM trips by hotels and tourism boards, they are actually working. Travel bloggers are expected to ensure certain deliverables for the brand they are working with. Expectations range from a number of Facebook posts, Youtube videos, Instagram stories, blog posts and ALL THIS with a PROMISE of certain ENGAGEMENT by audiences like you. If people like you don’t read my blog, comment on it, like my Instagram posts, honestly, the next time there is a trip, I am NOT INVITED. And in a dead ocean of so many travel blogs and multiple social media channels, getting your attention is like- a child getting his mother’s attention, while guests are at home. You get the drift….? Oh, never mind. 😉


The struggle is real for travel bloggers. Image Source: Google Images

Myth #4: Travel bloggers look sassy, cute, hot, beautiful, sexy.

LOL. This is my favorite and I am sure, you would also agree. While you as a reader are being bombarded with beautiful destinations and dreamy looking bucket lists, I am sure- it is not your fault. But really, when you look at an Instagram feed of a travel blogger with beautiful skirt and sexy abs- please spend a moment of silence. We are not always perfectly dressed or looking dapper. In fact, I can as a female travel blogger vouch- that 90% of the times, I am traveling, I am a mess. Sure, some of us are innately blessed with good looks and a hot body, but most of us are trying to fake it with Instagram filters and oh yes- Snapseed. Ouch.


It is not all about beautiful bodies. Stop believing the lies

Myth # 5: Travel bloggers are vella! 

I have said enough, I really hope I have. But travel bloggers are not vellas. They are as hard working, just as the ones behind corporate cubicles. If anything, I would like to take some credit and take this opportunity to speak on behalf of my whole travel blogging community. Whether we are digital nomads, full time travelers or full time corporate bosses with a part time blog, we are all dabbling in beyond the regular work hours. Even on our vacations, we are working, interacting with people to increase our “following”, “audiences”, hoping that we are making a name for ourselves. Else where, you would find us- attending travel blogging conferences, hosting travel workshops, responding to reader emails- all of which takes time and immense pride and respect. Some times- we will end up doing these things free of cost, if we are actually “new and budding” bloggers.


It’s work, it’s networking: Attending a traveler’s meet-up

So what do you think? Do you think- I have been able to share some nuggets from a life of a “travel blogger?” 🙂

24 thoughts on “5 myths about a travel blogger

  1. I can’t agree more on I look a mess when I travel.. it’s mostly comfy clothes and a bun for hairdo and even my mom might fail to recognise me 😀 But there are travellers who take the pain of looking good even when they travel.. and am mostly like woww, i can never do that


    • Hehe.. true that. There are … but by far and large it’s mostly just for the shot. I also think practically, if you are on the road, looking perfect always is a little far fetched!


  2. Very honest post, love the simplicity of your words and the truth behind them. Agree with everything you have to say.

    I work like crazy and sometimes may not have enough to show for it. But it is this very passion that keeps me going.

    Good luck, Deepika :))


  3. This post is just amazing! A glimpse to the world of a travel blogger… People often think blogging is a piece of cake and not much effort involved! Thank you Deepika for sharing this posts!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I totally get what you are saying. Its research, thinking what you are going to write. I wake up at night and re write my page several times over. Every where I go I am telling people about the blog . Filtering photos which ones do I use after the trillions I took. Thinking and planning the next trip. Fending off questions from those who can not understand how one can travel when the body is attacking itself. Having a few autoimmune conditions, some people think I should be sitting on the couch waiting for death to arrive.


  5. This is such a funny post, Deepika! I laughed at each and every point you raised because I can totally relate to them. On a serious note, I hope that thyroid issue is under control now.


  6. True that. This is something lot’s of people don’t understand. Hey you just travel and eat for free. Why not take us along too next time. Lyk what are you gonna do with me on my next trip?? Post on my behalf


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