[Photo journey] : Gems of rural Maharashtra

This weekend, I was out traveling solo in the hinterlands of Maharashtra. Sharing a few snapshots, which I managed with my hand phone, on my first ever solo trip 😉


Simple village cuisine



Scores of coconut trees, that transport you to another world



Heaven for sea food lovers



Locals waiting in queue for a bus



State transportation buses available every hour



Bordi hosts of a weekly bazaar for the villagers



Learning the traditional art of the village- Warli Painting



Take a walk by the nearby Asawli Dam



Explore the country side



Tapovan Resort- my stay over the weekend, a stone’s pelt away from the beach



Wild nature



Finding yourself on a rainy day


A note on Bordi– Located on the Maharashtra -Gujarat state border, Bordi is a tiny hamlet famous for its boarding schools and educational centers. Bordi can be disappoint to hardcore beach lovers as the sea almost always experience low tide and receding waters. There’s therefore not much that can be enjoyed on the beach per se. Since there are no visible sea-waters, sea sports or playing beach games with friends and family is out of question. Bordi is in fact, therefore is an ideal  vacation spot for the solo traveler- the one who loves to do nothing- just explore the local villages, taste the local cuisine and spend a day or two with himself reflecting on his life and travels.

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