21 images from my travel this year: From HKD to Matheran to Murud

It’s the 7th month of the year and half of year is already gone by. And what a year it has been! I have been fortunate as a lot of new things happened, many of them being “firsts” of my life. After my sickness sabbatical, I have been taking it easy, ensuring that I travel at consistent intervals to ensure that I keep my health in check. As I consciously tried doing that, life treated me good and rewarded me with some amazing landscapes, yummy food, different people and cultures.

As most of you know that I am more of “picture”, person rather than being a word connoisseur, here’s presenting you some sparkling moments of my half-year travel this year. Mostly shot on my smartphone camera (the remarkable BlackBerry Z3!), I have also used my new Nikon Coolpix and Canon SLR.

It looks like, there’s some time before I wrap up for my next travel. I have some things to finish at work and planning some new and BIG things. Off course  I will confirm them here, as soon as they shape up ;). But for now it’s only befitting for me to take a look-back at some of the amazing WOW moments!

My first, solo & independent travel to Palolem, Karwar Island and Gokarna.

As I mentioned earlier, 2015 saw many “firsts!” I went tumbling down solo, without any family or friends. I took a 3 region trip to Palolem (a pretty beach city in Goa), Karwar Island (a secluded island in Karnataka) and Gokarna (a spiritual abode again in Karnataka). As I took my first leap of faith, it was scary! I was NOT welcomed by a series of scary thoughts in my mind- “What if I get mugged, what I meet an accident, what if….”. But eventually, I did make it alive and what an experience it was! Today, I am more confident, little more wise and feeling much better health wise.

Feet on the map

The pretty Palolem beach in Goa


Finally went to the ‘silent noise party’ of Goa. It’s that party where you put headphones on and dance away all alone. Was fun though 😉

butterfly island

Visiting the Butterfly island in Goa to watch a beautiful sunset

bra island

Karwar Island- a secluded island in Karnataka. I lived in tents, spotted Dolphins, went on a banana boat ride.

secluded island

Lovely spots at the Karwar island offer time to introspect.


While I did spot Dolphins, but couldn’t photograph them (come on, they are so quick to disappear!), I did get a chance to snap this one at my resort.

Read about it here:

Tumbling down solo

The silent adventure of Kurumgad

A fascinating at the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas

Another “firsts” that I added to my travel ambitions  was to trek the Himalayas. Yes, I finally did it! And what an experience it was! Tiring, I cried, I broke down. I walked in rains, walked with clouds beneath my feet, slept in wet clothes, because I had nothing to wear. But eventually I made it alive! And I finished my trek. Wow, can’t believe what I saw, did and experienced 🙂


Beautiful skies, newer horizons greeted me  at Har Ki Doon. 


I was on a cloud, literally.


Waking up to beautiful mornings, where the mountains kissed the skies.


The endless jungle and the river streams continued their romance


The first glimpse of snow clad mountain

Read more here:

A walk to the valley of gods

5 lessons learnt on a Himalayan trek

Back to the British Era

Luckily for me, a couple of trips came in as I realized people are reading and appreciating my work. I was invited by a nice folks at Neemrana Hotels to come and experience their hospitality at their ‘non-hotel’ property in Matheran. Called ‘The Verandah in the Forest’, this property turned out to be my tryst with truly exotic and luxurious royal British era lifestyle. The exquisite wooden furniture, a toy train ride or a horse ride for the adventurous soul, Matheran came as a breather life.


Crossing a carpet of red leaves 


Enjoying a colorful sunset


Ah, enjoying the perks of being a travel blogger 😀


Met him.. umm.. that lucky boy 😉


Another gorgeous sunset captured

More about Matheran:

The road less travelled

A weekend with the history

Historic places always give me a high. So when the good folks at Golden Swan Beach Resort invited me over a weekend for a blogger meet, I couldn’t say a no.  I have been to Murud as a kid, couple of times and the place never ceases to amaze me.  The conditions of the sea fort- Murud Janjira has been on a downhill for ever now, but Murud has a lot to offer beyond that- the delicious sol kadi, the konkani food, the Portuguese styled villas. Anybody who enjoys this a bit- you know where to go next.


Hey, did I tell you, I sailed to Murud? 😉


The fort– The unconquered Janjira


Meeting new friends


While on the beach, finding new subjects for photography


Interiors of the fort

Read about Murud Janjira:

A symphony of tranquility, great hospitality and serendipity

Now that’s a satisfying first half of a year. Here’s to the next half. Let the travels begin. Watch this space for more. It’s going to be a big bang!!

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